Mullika is Thai traditional name of Jasmine.

Mrs. Mullika loves gardening. She likes her house to be surrounded by flowers and be able to smell beautiful scent all day long. She is a 76-year-old lady who took early retirement from government job. She and husband, Mr. Prawat, live most of the time in Bangkok and come to stay at their Chiangmai house on occasion.

They have 4 branches of Baan Mullika, but only one in Chiangmai. The name “Baan Mullika” guarantee its reputation of beautiful garden with nice flowers and wonderful scent that Mrs. Mullika would love to share it with everyone.

Baan Mullika Culinary School is located on Mahidol road just 5 minutes drive to Chiangmai Airport and is open to give you an experience of Thai cooking in a friendly environment of mrs.Mullika’s home garden. We provide free pick up & drop off.

Come & Join us.

Nok grew up in Chiang Mai. Having been lucky to live both in Thailand and overseas helps simplifying ways of cooking both Thai and western food in the situa-tion that it is not favourable.

Cooking is a happiness therapeutic for our body, mind and soul.

Some people may think cooking is hard but if you keep telling your mind that you will never be able to cook.

Cooking is the ability to free your mind to let it ima-gines the creation of the dish you want, your own way and your style. Your food doesn’t have to look and taste the same as others. However, learning the foundation of cooking will pave a solid path and help broadening your mind to your own food creation.

Come and be part of our happy family. Cook with Nok. Enjoy creating and styling a unique authentic and fusion Thai dishes that you desire via simple and easy cooking instructions.

Cooking brings happiness and I love cooking

as much as I love eating and drinking wine


Chef, Baan Mullika